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Technical Data
CSAH3000DOptional Configuration
Advantages and Characteristics
”łThe ultra-low washing amount(350-400l per hour)greatly saves the power;the drier for dishwasher;thedetergent and reduces the users'cost
”łIt internally has the washing heater;the washing pump;the protection device to ensure the fine stability of the hyfraulic pressure
”łIt merges the washing and drying into a hole with the high automated degree
”łThe front double-wall with heat insulation,sound insulation and energy-sawing operated comfortablely
”łIt's convenient to assemble and disassemble up/down washing arms.It can be locked tightly with a slghtly buckle.
”łIt is of the efficient washing and the high temperature drying which result in the higher hygiene standard to the tableware.
”łThe unique heat recovery system is of the remarkable energy-saving and the environmental protection
Optional Accessories
Stainless steel working table , Plastic washing rack , Stainless steel shower ,Detergent distributor

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